Sunday, January 20, 2013

The reason im on blogspot

Hello this is again Me. HELLO!!!!
Lol So this about me topic is going to be a what im doing on here.
Well i heard that if you want to be a well known beauty guru that either you should start out with youtube or a blog. So i decided a blog. But in a couple of year i will decide to make youtube video's.
i really want to be a beauty guru and i am trying to get into Fidm but im not old enough. So i have to wait a couple years. And i also heard that it is soooooooo easy to get into that school. So I want to dazzle them with my blog. Haha. See my other blog for reviews on makeup! :) and if you want to know about really high end makeup go to youtube and look up Macbarbie07, Jlovesmac1 and michelle phan. And since im not on youtube i will add what people do on youtube. like Whats in my purse whats in my school bag.  Its the least i can offer. Its not like im doing a video. and if you want i will make a fan page for me on facebook.. I also have a twitter but i will link it when i have more viewers.

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